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Posted on June 23, 2021 by Scott Pickus

Banking on Digital – Using Digital Signage Effectively in Retail Banking

Digital experiences allow retail banks to take advantage of a unique messaging opportunity before and after a customer enters a branch. Eye-catching digital signage placed strategically along the customer journey that displays the brand message and product offerings not only has the most impact, but they speak to the customer in their preferred language—digital.

An engaging message delivered when your customers are in a position to take action is the most valuable and well-designed digital experiences are able to deliver the right message to the right customer and at the right time like no other media platform today.

DynaScan has helped banks around the world deliver unique digital experiences to their customers with a variety of display solutions designed to engage and inform. Let us help you find a solution that fits your needs.



Bright Ideas

Large Format. Large Impact.

By completely filling their front window with a largescale display comprised of multiple video wall screens, this client maximized the impact of their messaging for viewers on the street in a big way. Larger displays and video walls are an ideal solution for creating a “Times Square” type of look designed to gain your customers’ attention and engage them.



Digital Posters

Repetition can make your message more memorable. Instead of printing posters, this client amplified their message by simultaneously showing identical video content in multiple windows to maximize their opportunity to catch their viewer’s attention as they walk by. Color calibration and uniformity is key for this technique. DynaScan displays are individually calibrated to ensure color uniformity.



Double Exposure

A double-sided display offers the flexibility to present different messaging points to customers inside the branch as well as potential customers outside. A sunlight-viewable side shines bright in the window to allow visibility outdoors, while the reverse side offers reduced brightness for the indoor environment. This client has maximized its messaging capability without wasting valuable floor space.


Hybrid Applications

Combining static print media with dynamic digital content is a great way to reinforce your message. This customer required a screen both bright enough for in-window placement and reliable enough for round-the-clock operation. Additionally, as the red color of the logo was extremely important for branding, the customer screens needed to be calibrated to match the branch logo and print media.