Service Retailers

Interest rates fluctuate daily.

Houses are bought and sold hourly. How do you keep up with the action and ensure you are giving your customers the information they need? From banks to real estate offices to insurance and medical centers, customers expect to find the information they need at a moment’s notice. Unlike posters that need to be changed out manually every time a new interest rate is introduced or a new house comes out on the market, DynaScan professional LCDs offer a dynamic digital signage platform which can be updated regularly—even from a remote location.

Common Needs

In-Window Branding

Every display is color calibrated to produce an image the way it was intended. This ensures brand colors remain true and images appear lifelike and vibrant.

Bring Your Customer Inside

Grab your customer’s attention before they walk past your location with bright, vivid, dynamic video content.

Highlight Services and Specials

Educate your customer about new services and incentives to increase foot traffic and drive sales.

Decrease Perceived Wait Times

Studies show that the perception that a wait time is less than expected is associated with higher customer satisfaction. Entertain your client while they wait for the next available agent.


Indoor High Brightness LCDs

With installations around the world, DynaScan indoor high brightness displays are the proven solution for high ambient light applications.


55″ Dual-Sided High Brightness Digital Signage Display


86” 3500 nits 4K UHD High Brightness Digital Signage Display