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Posted on July 30, 2015 by Scott Pickus

Case Study: High Brightness at Lake Zurich – ZSG Installs Outdoor Digital Kiosks

Invidis, a renowned European consulting and communications company for digital signage and DOOH, recently published a case study on high brightness digital signage recently installed in Zurich. The following has been translated and republished with permission:

Cities with large standing bodies of water or rivers around the world rely on ships and ferries for local public transportation, and the city of Zurich is no exception.

The ZSG is part of the Zurich Transport Network (ZVV) since its inception in 1990. Lake Zurich, the Upper Lake and the Limmat River are used by fleets of ships and the sister of ZSG, Limmat River Cruise, and the Horgen-Meilen AG Zurich ferry.

Recently, ZSG deemed it necessary to replace the outdated transportation schedules with a modern, customer-friendly digital signage solution.

The challenge: Previously, a road map display had been combined with a poster and LED marquee, which were outdated. In addition to aesthetic aspects, ZSG found the signage wasn’t customer-friendly and no longer appropriate. The content was not dynamic and did not provide any interactivity for users.

Maintaining and updating content was also previously time-consuming. The new system needed to be simple, flexible, and be able to be managed dynamically. All of this needed to be implemented relatively quickly due to the already planned opening of Bürkliplatz–a boat dock, marketplace, art area and event site.


The digital signage implementation needed to be able to work under direct sunlight on-site. In addition to high brightness and high summer temperatures, the installation would also have to deal with low temperatures and local weather conditions throughout the rest of the year. As the venue can be very crowded at events such as the Street Parade, the unit also needed to be vandal-resistant.

In addition, the solution needed to take into account the environment and structure of the square and the surrounding buildings and fit the design. In order to inform as extensively as possible in peak times, ZSG sought out a space-saving system with various display options, and turned to Inputec–a leading Swiss system integrator with core competencies in touchscreen systems, digital signage, interactive terminals and control units.

For the installation, Inputech selected DynaScan 84” and 55” high brightness LCDs. A total of five digital displays were used–the screens were installed in three kiosks, two of which are double sided models.

All of the kiosks are designed in the same design and create an improved information management system for guests. Inputech was of the lead system integrator for the project–overseeing planning, design, production, delivery and also responsible in this case for installation and commissioning.


Source: Invidis (German)