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Posted on November 16, 2020 by Scott Pickus

Case Study: “KOMEDA is” Coffee Shop in East Ginza Attracts Shoppers with Window-facing Display

KOMEDA Coffee Shop (Komeda Co., Ltd.) has launched a new style of Coffee Shop, “KOMEDA is” in East Ginza, where you can enjoy the best coffee & foods while relaxing with the earth nature feeling.

KOMEDA Coffee Shop is the largest coffee chain with table service in Japan and operates nearly 900 shops nationwide. Since its founding in 1968, they have been keeping close contact with the regional community offering exceptional coffee with beans carefully selected in consideration of sustainability from all over the world, as well as delicious and healthy foods.

KOMEDA is CoffeeThe shops provide the “ultimate relaxing space” with authentic wood and brick interiors, real living plants, as well as the warmest omotenashi hospitality services to their guests.

KOMEDA is CoffeeThe new “KOMEDA is” in East Ginza, opened on July 15th, 2020, and is engaged in unique sustainable activities, and a proposed lifestyle of “let’s make a day we don’t eat meat.”

The concept of this shop is:

  • A vegetable-based dietary style that reduces greenhouse gasses and resource consumption.
  • An original delicious vegetable-based menu like Soybean Pate Beppin (“Beautiful Girl” in Japanese) Burger.
  • A special relaxing space that utilizes eco-friendly recycled wood.

Healthy menu options, such as the Beppin Burger or special pancakes with a chewy and soft texture, are displayed all day on a DynaScan 65-inch Ultra-high brightness LCD (model DS652LR5) installed behind the large window of the shop storefront. The display helps to attract customers walking by with the appetizing options that await them within the shop.

KOMEDA is CoffeeThe DynaScan digital display produces a crisp image and natural color thanks to its TrueColor™ calibration, ensuring menu items look like the real thing. A 4,000 nit image—one of the brightest available in the industry—allows for visibility in direct sunlight, which is crucial for window-facing messaging and advertising.

We encourage those in the Tokyo area to visit “KOMEDA is” and enjoy all the shop has to offer.