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Posted on December 4, 2023 by Scott Pickus

Case Study: Yanmar Rice Gallery

Yanmar is a company that has been revolutionizing diesel engines since 1912 and is based in Osaka, Japan. Their business stretches across agriculture, construction machinery, marine, and energy systems, with industrial engines at its core. Yanmar Tokyo is a new facility in Tokyo’s Yaesu district, and its Rice Gallery is nothing short of remarkable.

The gallery immerses visitors in the world of rice cultivation, with its four underground floors and twenty above-ground floors. The Yanmar Rice Gallery is a place where science and technology meet art and culture. It’s a place where they use fancy technology to teach us all about the history and present of rice cultivation, and even get us thinking about what the future might hold.

The gallery has walls made of rice straw, so you’re not just hearing about rice, you’re surrounded by it—and can even touch it. But it’s not just about touching rice; it’s also about having fun and learning. They have all sorts of interactive activities, such as “Rice Personality Diagnosis,” where visitors can figure out what kind of rice matches their personalities. There’s also the “Wisdom of Rice Cultivation” game in which visitors solve problems in rice farming, and the “Rice Cuisine MAP,” an interactive panel that shows you how people all over the world cook rice dishes. This place is for everyone—adults and kids alike can have a blast while they’re learning.


DynaScan displays are an integral part of the gallery. Yanmar installed five super bright 55-inch displays that are dual-sided so that they can display content both inside and outside. On the sunny side, they crank up the brightness to 3000 nits, and indoors, it’s still a bright 1000 nits—which is still bright—but more appropriate for the indoor environment. That means they can show off all kinds of rice-related stuff in a way that’s hard to miss.

They’ve set up these displays in a very smart way, using a front and rear five-panel system to make the most of the space. It’s sleek, it’s integrated, and it fits perfectly with the gallery’s Japanese theme.



In a nutshell, Yanmar Tokyo’s Rice Gallery is all about sharing the magic of rice cultivation in a trendy, fun, and informative way. It’s like a journey through the world of rice, and they’re making sure we don’t forget just how important rice is to not only the Japanese people—but everyone around the world.

If you’re ever in Tokyo, be sure to check out the Yanmar Rice Gallery. It’s an experience like no other.