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Posted on April 3, 2013 by Scott Pickus

Ceiling Mounted 360 Degree Video Display Installed in Churchgate Railway Station

Aurave Media recently completed a new AV project for the Churchgate railway station, located in Southern Mumbai, utilizing a ceiling mounted DynaScan DS1508 360 degree video display.  One of the busiest terminals in the world, the Churchgate station is used by around 3 million people every day.  Aurave Media sells advertising space on the display to reach the millions of people passing through the station.

With a screen size 80 cm and 1.5 m in diameter, the DS1508 features high brightness, high resolution, vivid colors, minimal power consumption, and can simultaneously display three identical video contents horizontally.  Mounted from the ceiling, the display is able to display advertisements without interfering with the station’s heavy foot traffic.  With a display brightness of 500 nits (cd/m²), the image may easily be seen in brightly lit indoor environments. Using patented spinning LED technology, the DS1508 displays full motion, true color video with a pixel pitch of merely 1.9 mm.

The installation is part of a larger roll out throughout Mumbai.  Earlier this year, Aurave Media installed a ceiling mounted DS2012 360 degree video display in Mumbai’s Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus railway station.