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Posted on November 16, 2016 by Scott Pickus

Częstochowa Stradom Station Installs Modern High Brightness Passenger Information Systems

When it came time to renovate the Częstochowa Stradom railway station in Poland, aside from constructing new platforms and tunnels, it was also an opportunity to install a network of modern passenger information systems.

With sunny weather around 40% of the year, the railway faced a challenge—it required screens, which were not only bright enough to be seen in broad daylight, but also able to resist the weather and operate in a wide temperature range. To solve the problem, the railway turned to Polish-based system integrator DYSTEN, which specialized in designing, creating, and delivering intelligent passenger information solutions.


DYSTEN had the expertise to build an intelligent passenger information solutions, but needed to source the right LCD screens to satisfy the requirements of the Polish railways. Krzysztof Szawerna, DYSTEN R&D Director notes, “We tested a variety of competitive monitors from different manufactures with brightness levels as high as 1500 nits, but the brightness was not sufficient.” DYSTEN ultimately needed screens capable of producing a 2500 nit image, designed for use in direct sunlight, would avoid “blackening defect,” were readily available in the region, and were cost-effective.

After analyzing the offering of various suppliers, DYSTEN turned to DynaScan Technology, known for their specialization in ultra-high brightness display technology.

For the passenger information displays, DYSTEN selected DynaScan’s 47″ 3000 nit high brightness LCD with narrow bezel (model DS471LT4). The screens were not only both bright enough for the application, but fit all the parameters they and the customer were looking for. The screens were integrated into custom built free-standing kiosk enclosures that provide weather protection for the monitors, providing easily accessible—and readable—information systems for passengers.


The network of information systems was installed earlier this year, and the rollout was ultimately very successful. The kiosks provide a modern experience for the station and its passengers, and are clearly visible in broad daylight.

Speaking about DYSTEN’s choice of DynaScan display products, Szawerna says “It was important to choose a high-quality manufacturer whose products can perform and are reliable. When building a complete information system, the quality of the display directly effects the quality of the final product and the DYSTEN brand. DynaScan products have proven to be very reliable and will save us to save us both time and money in the long run.”



DYSTEN is the manufacturer of devices in the field of Intelligent Transportation Systems. Polish company designs, creates, delivers and installs visual and voice passenger information solutions for stations, platforms and bus stops in hundreds of cities. DYSTEN products based on LCD, LCD TFT, LED and e-paper technology. Open protocol of devices is easy to integrate with many systems. As a manufacturer company fit passenger information devices to the railway standards, specific customers needs and for each installation – even in the most demanding of environments.

DYSTEN’s products can be found in Poland, Italy, Germany, Great Britain, Finland, Norway, Lithuania, Ukraine, Romania and from 2013 to the Arab market. See more on DYSTEN website www.dysten.pl/en

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