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Posted on January 29, 2013 by Scott Pickus

DynaScan Announces Three New High Brightness Professional Display Models

DynaScan unveiled three new high brightness professional displays at Integrated Systems Europe this week. The new models include a 55″ high brightness super narrow bezel LCD and two 72″ high brigthness LCDs in 2,500 nit and 5,000 verions.

The DS55LX3 is a 55-inch super-narrow bezel high brightness LCD combining the benefits of a high bright display with a super narrow bezel for tiled video wall applications. This model features a full HD 55-inch IPS LCD with a high brightness backlight producing a 1,500 nit image. Each screen comes individually color calibrated for exceptional color quality and uniformity amongst multiple displays.


The DS55LX3 includes DynaScan’s latest generation direct LED backlight with local dimming technology. Darker areas of an image receive less backlighting than lighter areas, resulting in deep black levels unlike edge-lit LED backlights which illuminate an entire screen at all times causing dark areas to appear gray and washed out. The screen features DynaScan’s new EvenGlow™ technology, which produces an evenly illuminated image and greatly reducing hotspots.


With a super narrow bezel of just 5.3 mm screen-to-screen, multiple displays can be placed side by side to create near seamless image. With built-in video daisy chaining, a single 1080p source can be used on video walls up to 6×6 in size without the need for any additional external video wall controller.

The DS72LT6 is the largest professional LCD offering from DynaScan, measuring 72-inches diagonally. The display features a full HD 72-inch IPS LCD with an ultra-high brightness backlight producing a 5,000 nit sunlight viewable image. The DS72LT6 has been designed for large scale display applications in bright environments such as outdoor enclosures and storefront windows. A narrow 30 mm bezel makes this model ideal for either single display or video wall applications. Each screen is individually color calibrated to the D65 color standard to ensure uniformity amongst multiple displays, and includes a direct LED back light with local dimming.

DynaScan also introduced a 2,500 nit version, the DS72LT4, featuring a fanless thermal management system. Heat generated by the display is radiated away from high temperature areas without the use of any fans, resulting in silent operation.


The DS55LX3, DS72LT4 and DS72LT6 professional LCDs will be available for purchase beginning in February 2013 from an authorized DynaScan dealer or by visiting the company’s website, https://www.dynascanusa.com.