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Posted on January 12, 2023 by Scott Pickus

DynaScan Celebrates its 25th Anniversary!

In 1998, DynaScan pushed the boundaries of out-of-home advertising with the introduction of 360-degree spinning LED video displays inspired by barbershop poles.


Inspired by the red and blue poles outside barbershops, an engineer from Taiwan had the bright idea to develop a display that could be seen from all directions. He applied the concept known as “persistence of vision” to LEDs spinning around the surface of a cylinder to create a full-motion video.

The technology would gain the attention of Chroma ATE, a world-leading supplier of precision test and measurement instrumentation, including video and color measurement devices for LEDs and LCD manufacturing.

DynaScan introduced the world’s first 360-degree spinning LED video display to the market. Measuring 2 meters wide, the DS2012 offered a finer pixel pitch than other LED displays on the market (2.2 mm), high brightness, and could be viewed from virtually any direction. With 360 degrees of usable display space, DynaScan displays offered an attractive, high contrast, high brightness, and high-resolution alternative to conventional two-dimensional displays.

DynaScan would continue to design and develop a variety of sizes and shapes based on the initial design concept.

25 years later, DynaScan continues its legacy of designing, developing, and manufacturing innovative display technologies with the introduction of high-brightness displays that can be viewed in direct sunlight and outdoor kiosks that are modernizing cityscapes and giving advertisers, venues, and municipalities new ways to connect with viewers.

We invite you to see what’s next at ISE 2023.