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Posted on July 18, 2023 by Scott Pickus

DynaScan Joins Forces with Chroma for Beach Cleanup Initiative

Cleaning up the beaches not only restores the landscape’s natural beauty but also helps reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Plastic waste on the beach produces greenhouse gases when exposed to the sun.

DynaScan recently joined hands with its parent company, Chroma Electronics, and returned to the sea to take part in a beach cleanup effort for their third consecutive year.

A total of 190 participants, including Chroma Electronics employees and associates from DynaScan Technology, gathered at the mouth of the Puxin River in Taoyuan. Led by Cheng Ying, the CEO of the Sustainable Operations Office, and joined by the team from Haiyong Studio, they aimed to instill a proper understanding of marine environmental conservation among the participants.

This year, the effort achieved a new record: the team collected over 780 kg of sea waste including 280 plastic bottles, 203 plastic bottle caps, 303 straws, and 88 food packaging bags. Large tires and fishing nets were also removed, preventing the object from further migrating into the surrounding environment.

At the same time, the companies provided #ServiceLearningHours certification to 17 youths who participated in the cleanup effort.

We firmly believe that environmental issues are vital for a sustainable future and incorporate environmental protection, social responsibility, and corporate governance into our corporate DNA.

Our objective is to create significant changes for a sustainable future by engaging in initiatives such as cleaning up litter on beaches, incorporating energy-efficient and carbon-reducing measures into our production methods, and embracing sustainable product design.

For more information on the event, visit Business Today.