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Posted on June 17, 2013 by Scott Pickus

eBay Uses DynaScan High Brightness Screens for Kate Spade Saturday Store

eBay’s Retail Innovation team recently unveiled a new project for the fashion line Kate Spade Saturday that will be live from June 8 to July 7. Using a touch screen on the store window powered by a 55″ 5,000 nit DynaScan high brightness LCD, shoppers are able to choose a product and schedule one-hour delivery via text message. Kate Spade Saturday launched in March as an online-only business in the United States.

To purchase a product, a customer steps up to store window and navigates the products available using a touch screen interface.  After making a selection, the customer enters her phone number and then receives a text message on her mobile phone.  An hour later, the product is delivered to the customer who then completes the transaction through PayPal.  All of the technology, logistics, payments and delivery are handled by eBay.

Aside from providing customers with a novel way to purchase items, the system allows eBay to learn more about their shoppers.  A camera is mounted above the screen and provides the company with customer metrics. EBay’s head of Retail Innovation Healey Cypher notes “We know how many people are walking by, and of those people who turn up square and look at the glass, that’s a CPM. That’s an impression. Then if they touch it it’s a CPC. But then also the time that it takes to do these things, what happens between them, catalysts that get them to engage. If they buy it and schedule for delivery,” eBay’s Cypher said. “When in the history of retail has a retailer ever had info about what’s happening outside their walls, before transaction?”

Source: TechCrunch