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Posted on February 4, 2014 by Scott Pickus

Introducing The New 84″ 2500 nit Ultra High Brightness LCD

DynaScan Technology, a leader in manufacturing ultra high brightness professional display solutions, today announced a new 84” large format display. The DS841LR4 is the largest professional LCD offering from DynaScan, measuring 84-inches diagonally. The display features a 4K Ultra HD 84-inch IPS LCD with an ultra high brightness backlight producing a sunlight viewable 2,500 nit image.

The DS841LR4 is designed for large scale display applications in high ambient light environments. With a brightness rating of 2,500 nits, the display is an ideal solution for storefront windows, outdoor kiosks, and other locations with direct sunlight. Because solar heat gain is a concern when placed behind glass, the display includes an ultra-quiet, high efficiency cooling system, and a high temperature resistant panel capable of reaching temperatures up to 110°C (240°F) before experiencing blackening defect.


The screen is powered by an ultra-high brightness LED back light with local dimming. Darker areas of an image receive less backlighting than lighter areas, producing a high contrast image with deep black levels.

With a native resolution of 3840×2160, the DS841LR4 supports both Ultra HD (4K) and HD formats for stunning image quality and super crisp text legibility.

The DS841LR4 utilizes IPS display technology for accurate color from all viewing angles. Each screen is individually color calibrated to the D65 (6500 K) color standard to ensure brilliant color quality and uniformity amongst multiple displays. The screen may also be calibrated to a user’s specification using DynaScan’s comprehensive calibration solution.

Key Features

  • World brightest 84inch LCD: 2500nits
  • Ultra high definition resolution (4K): 3840 x 2160
  • Equivalent to four 42-inch Full HD (1080p) video wall without cross lines.
  • 84-inch display area, 1860.48(H) mm x 1046.52(V) mm, about 6-sheet European poster size.
  • No blackening defect
  • Wide viewing angle with IPS panel technology.
  • Color can be re-calibrated with DynaScan solution.

The new model expands DynaScan’s portfolio of premium high brightness displays to ten different models in various sizes, brightness levels and form factors.

The DS841LR4 will be available for purchase beginning in Q1 2014 from an authorized DynaScan dealer or by visiting https://www.dynascanusa.com.