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Posted on February 20, 2023 by Scott Pickus

ISE 2023 In Review: Show Recap

It was an extraordinary week at Integrated Systems Europe 2023. With over 58,107 unique attendees from 155 countries in attendance, the show proved a success for DynaScan and the industry as a whole.

For those that couldn’t make it to Barcelona this year, we have a recap of everything on display. Additionally, be sure to visit our ISE 2023 portal containing a gallery of images and videos from the show floor as well as links to our product brochures and product pages.

It was a special year for DynaScan as it celebrated its 25th anniversary. Visitors to the booth received a commemorative bar of Belgian chocolate.

Ensuring the energy remained high throughout the week, barista-made coffee and espresso were served to guests visiting the booth.

The layout of the booth was divided into three main areas to showcase DynaScan’s outdoor kiosks and displays, its line of high-brightness indoor displays, and its new window-facing display solutions.

Indoor Ultra-High Brightness Displays

With brightness ratings as high as 6.000 nits, DynaScan indoor displays are among the brightest LCDs in the world. Designed for high ambient light locations, these displays are powerful enough to be clearly viewable in direct sunlight, such as storefront windows, and to cut through the glare from surrounding glass and reflections.

DynaScan offers one of the largest portfolios of high-brightness displays available.

With eight sizes to choose from ranging in size from 32 to 86 inches—many of which are available in a variety of brightness levels, we have a model to fit your application.

Every screen is TrueColor™ calibrated. As one of the final steps in the production process, each screen’s colors are adjusted for optimal performance and uniformity. This ensures the customer receives a display that will accurately represent brand colors, produce natural skin tones, and portray images shown as they were intended.


While DynaScan high brightness displays offer some of the brightest images in the industry—they are also incredibly energy efficient. In fact—when comparing watts per nit—DynaScan high brightness displays consume 45% less power than the industry average.

Integrated Android™ based media players offer users the freedom to select from the array of various content management solutions on the market or use the included DynaScan DSM365 application for local video playback, playlist creation, and content scheduling.


Outdoor Kiosks

From stadiums to smart cities, DynaScan outdoor kiosks are ideal for a wide variety of applications and are designed with high-performance visibility, security, and versatility in mind.

Featuring eye-catching large-format single and dual-sided designs with ultra-high bright images up to 4000 nits, the new DK Series gives advertisers, venue owners, and municipalities the performance to clearly communicate with their audiences.

Features like an ultra-high brightness image of up to 4000 nits provide an easy-to-see image in direct sunlight, while optional network connectivity gives operators the power to monitor, control, and troubleshoot from virtually anywhere.


This year, we are exhibiting a broad collection of kiosks in 65, 75, and 86-inch sizes. All three sizes are available in dual-sided configurations, while the 75 and 86-inch sizes are also available in single-sided configurations.

Additionally, the 86-inch is also available in a hybrid format that features an Ultra-HD 4K LCD on one side, and a static lightbox on the reverse.

DynaScan outdoor kiosks are IP56 rated—offering a high degree of protection against dust, rain, and snow—feature an IK10 vandal resistance, and rugged all-metal, rust-proof construction.

Not only do they offer an ultra-bright image as high as 4000 nits, they also are TrueColor calibrated for superb color reproduction and utilize quarter-wave plate optical technology to allow for viewing with polarized sunglasses.

The modular design of the DK Series provides flexibility for custom applications and integration options. A dedicated area is available inside the display, giving users the ability to install their own media player and simply connect it via HDMI or DisplayPort.

The secure access system allows certified technicians the ability to access internal components for maintenance, troubleshooting, and repair.

If individual components require repair or replacement, they can quickly be accessed and remedied without needing to remove the entire kiosk—reducing downtime, costs, and logistics.

The DK Series offers what we call “Total Control Technology”

Onboard sensors continuously monitor conditions such as internal temperature, brightness, and power status, providing network operators with vital information about the display’s performance.

Additionally, DynaScan outdoor kiosks can even automatically adapt to these conditions to best address display brightness and clarity, internal temperature, and energy efficiency.


Window-Facing Displays

Without a doubt, one of the most common applications we’ve seen our customers using DynaScan high brightness displays has been in storefront windows.

Building upon the success of our indoor high-brightness products, we are exhibiting displays that take all the benefits that our customers have come to appreciate and offer additional details specifically for this type of application.

DynaScan’s new DW Series offers users a complete display solution with high-end design features such as hidden cable management and versatile mounting options.

Additionally, these models are also available in dual-sided configurations.


These displays, such as this 55-inch dual-sided display, allow store owners to attract customers outside of their retail location with an ultra-high bright image while communicating with customers inside the store with a brightness intended for indoor viewing. They can even tailor their video content to address these different viewers with different content on each side.

Versatility is a key differentiator with our DW series. Using optional mounting kits, these displays can be mounted in a variety of configurations—such as portrait and landscape orientations, as well as suspended from the ceiling or paired with an adjustable height floor mount.


See You Next Year!

Thank you for visiting us at ISE 2023. For those that provided contact information at the show, our sales team will be in touch shortly. If you have any questions about our new products, or current products, or would like to receive a digital brochure, please reach out to us at info@dynascandisplay.com.

We look forward to seeing everyone again next year at ISE 2024!