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Posted on February 7, 2024 by Scott Pickus

ISE 2024 In Review: Show Recap

It was an extraordinary week at Integrated Systems Europe 2024. The 2024 show was among the most successful in its 20-year history. It drew 73,891 unique verified attendees from 162 countries, marking a significant increase of 27% compared to the 2023 edition.

For those that couldn’t make it to Barcelona this year, we have a recap of everything on display. Additionally, be sure to visit our ISE 2024 portal containing a gallery of images and videos from the show floor as well as links to our product brochures and product pages.

DynaScan’s theme for this year, “Unifying Visions,” reflects our dedication to creating visual solutions that captivate and engage. We introduced a range of new display technologies, including LCD, direct-view LED, window displays, and ultra-low-power ePaper displays, offering customers diverse options. Moreover, we unveiled solutions that integrate these technologies into unified systems, providing customization and flexibility tailored to specific application needs. This approach empowers customers to combine the strengths of various technologies seamlessly.

At ISE 2024, DynaScan emphasized not just showcasing products but sharing a vision of integration and versatility to meet unique requirements.

Sunlight Readable Window Displays


At ISE 2024, DynaScan Technology unveiled the expanded launch of its DW Series, redefining window-facing displays for commercial and retail applications. Offering versatile configurations in 55-inch and 65-inch sizes, single-sided or dual-sided options, and flexible installation, the DW Series caters to various needs.

Its all-in-one form factor with hidden cable management and integrated media players ensures a sleek visual aesthetic. With high brightness levels and durability for outdoor visibility, coupled with indoor viewing optimization, the DW Series offers a complete media solution supporting Android™ OS and Intel® Smart Display Module specification.

Committed to sustainability, DynaScan ensures energy efficiency and reduced manual maintenance. In conclusion, the DW Series represents a revolution in window-facing technology, empowering businesses to enhance storefronts, engage audiences, and redefine connections.

Outdoor Kiosks

DynaScan Technology introduces its latest innovation: outdoor kiosks with multi-technology integration, offering tailored solutions for diverse applications. These kiosks feature LED tickers, LCD or LED displays, and ePaper, providing dynamic content presentation.

Available in three sizes and customizable configurations, they integrate optional equipment for enhanced functionality. Designed with sustainability in mind, they boast energy efficiency and recyclable materials. With superior sunlight readability and durability, they perform well in various weather conditions. Intelligent thermal management ensures low maintenance, while smart operation adapts to external factors for optimal performance and energy efficiency.

Total Control Cloud integration enables remote monitoring and troubleshooting. In conclusion, DynaScan’s outdoor kiosks set a new standard in digital signage, offering reliability, efficiency, and customization for businesses across industries.

ePaper Displays

DynaScan unveiled a new sustainable Digital-Out-Of-Home product line featuring E Ink display technology, showcasing the world’s largest E Ink Kaleido™ 3 color ePaper at 42 inches. Alongside 13.3-inch and 25.3-inch options and a 42-inch monochrome solution, these displays offer exceptional visibility and reduced power consumption. The collaboration with E Ink reflects a commitment to sustainability and aims to exceed customer expectations. DynaScan plans to expand the product line with larger sizes in the future, shaping the future of Digital-Out-Of-Home displays. At ISE 2024, DynaScan set a new standard by combining cutting-edge technology with environmental responsibility, inviting customers to experience the innovation firsthand.

Fine Pitch LED Displays

At ISE, DynaScan reintroduced LED displays to its lineup, offering cutting-edge solutions for communication and engagement. With pixel pitches from 1.86 to 2.5 mm and brightness up to 4000 nits, DynaScan’s Fine-Pitch LED Displays ensure clarity and vibrant colors even at close distances.

Key features include sunlight readability, exceptional image quality, seamless integration, reliability, and versatility. Manufactured with top-tier components and UV-resistant materials, these displays guarantee durable performance. From retail windows to outdoor environments, DynaScan’s LED displays promise to redefine visual experiences across various applications.

Indoor High Brightness Displays


DynaScan’s DS Series of high-brightness LCD displays has been a leader in innovation for sunlight readability across various industries worldwide. These displays excel in outdoor enclosures, semi-outdoor, and window-facing applications, offering bright, vivid images without glare or reflections. With a minimal brightness and color degradation rate of 9% over five years, DynaScan guarantees long-lasting performance.

DynaScan provides a comprehensive range of high-brightness LCDs, from 32” to 86”, to suit diverse needs. Every screen undergoes TrueColor™ Calibration for natural-looking images with uniformity. DynaScan’s LCDs are among the most power-efficient in the industry, ensuring cost-effective operation.

Intelligent thermal management systems efficiently dissipate heat, preventing overheating and ensuring reliable performance. With their performance, reliability, energy efficiency, and versatility, DynaScan’s DS Series remains the top choice for sunlight-readable applications, empowering customers to effectively captivate and communicate with viewers.

DynaScan Total Control Cloud

DynaScan Total Control Cloud enables network operators to monitor and troubleshoot DynaScan devices remotely with features such as 24/7 live monitoring, dashboard access, OSD monitoring and control, as well as alert notifications to facilitate quicker maintenance, reduce downtime, and optimize overall performance.

See You Next Year!

Thank you for visiting us at ISE 2024. For those that provided contact information at the show, our sales team will be in touch shortly. If you have any questions about our new products, or current products, or would like to receive a digital brochure, please reach out to us at info@dynascandisplay.com.

We look forward to seeing everyone again next year at ISE 2025!