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Posted on February 17, 2021 by Scott Pickus

It’s Time to Change the Way You Think About Video Walls

From board rooms and command and control centers to retail stores, video walls have become a commonplace solution for venues that require large format displays.

While video walls offer advantages such as high resolution and brightness, there are a number of drawbacks.

A basic 2×2 video wall requires four individual LCD panels. Each requires its own mounting hardware, media player, or a video wall controller. Installation takes extra consideration to ensure that each screen is aligned properly with its neighbor (an issue that grows considerably with larger video walls), and each screen will almost certainly need to be color calibrated to ensure that the overall picture appears uniform.

And there’s one glaring issue—the bezels. Even a perfectly installed video wall cannot hide the black lines that differentiate one screen from the next. Depending on the number of displays in the video wall, these black lines converge at the center of the image, often disrupting messaging or ruining a model’s perfect smile.

Display manufacturers, in recent years, have tried to minimize this by reducing the sizes of the bezels, however, this makes the screens incredibly fragile and increases the likelihood of damage during installation.

Enter DynaScan’s new 100-inch professional indoor display. The massive marvel is the equivalent of four 50″ displays in a 2×2 configuration without the traditional drawbacks associated with a multi-display installation. Boasting Ultra HD resolution and a wide color gamut, the display has been factory TrueColor™ calibrated for impeccable color reproduction.

Because this is a single display, there are no bezel lines to deal with and, unlike video walls, a single UHD video source is needed to power video content or users may opt to use the on-board media player.

The 100-inch DI100ST2-M is available today from DynaScan. Contact your local representative, or email us at info@dynascandisplay.com for more information.