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Posted on December 5, 2017 by Scott Pickus

Long John Silver’s to Roll Out Digital Drive-Thrus of the Future

Long John Silver’s is aiming to install the most technologically-advanced digital drive-thru platforms in the restaurant industry—laying the groundwork for a fully automated drive-thru in the future.

A partnership between Elite Manufacturing TechnologiesAllure—a division of Christie Digital Systems USA—and USSI Global (who will be installing the solution), started in March of 2017 and was initiated by Allure. The project began with many meetings, designs, and site surveys, and ultimately, the joint team won the respect of Long John Silver’s and was awarded the contract.

Up to 400 Long John Silver’s flagship units will be transformed over the next two years, with the new platform that includes three 55-inch, high-definition video screens, crystal clear audio, and a computer platform that will dramatically improve the ordering process for Long John Silver’s customers.

The triple digital drive-thru menu board features (3) 3500 nit 55” DynaScan displays, which are the brightest commercial displays on the market today. Elite bonds tempered safety glass to these displays using Elite’s proprietary air bonding method. The menu system is also engineered with an attached speaker/mic box, which has never been coupled with outdoor digital menu boards and provides excellent acoustics.

The Allure platform provides digital order confirmation and full-color, high-resolution animation, video and graphics for an engaging and interesting experience for customers. Importantly, the new system allows for quick updates of menus and promotional updates. Promoted specials can be linked to historical sales trends, special events, and local weather forecasts.

Source: QSR MagazineBusiness Wire