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Posted on September 25, 2012 by Scott Pickus

Printed Poster or Digital Video Display?

 Can you tell which was used in the photo above? Posters have long been used as a medium for displaying information in store front windows. They are easy to read at distance, however they do not offer much in terms of customer engagement and must be changed out regularly. Digital video has become a popular solution for indoor applications, however in bright, sunlight environments standard LCDs have great difficulty being seen.

DynaScan solves this dilemma with its line of high bright and ultra-high brightness LCDs by combining the ability to display dynamic, customer engaging video content with the daylight visibility of printed posters.

Design agency, Sèt Lègo – Espaces Technologies, based in Marsaille, France, recently installed a trio of DynaScan DS55LT4 2500 nit high brightness monitors in the office windows of property developer Boygeus Immobilier. Even on a bright, sunny day the image is clearly seen and can display up-to-date video content about the company and its projects.