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Posted on November 29, 2016 by Scott Pickus

Selfridges In-window Video Wall Display Overcomes Direct Sunlight

Selfridges, a chain of high-end department stores based in the United Kingdom, recently needed to replace its in-window video wall display. The window—Window 3—faces onto London’s famed Oxford Street—renowned as one of the busiest shopping districts in the world. The video wall display is employed by Selfridges to advise customers on key in-store information, promote upcoming events, such as new product launches, book signings, and showcase new designers.

As the video wall screens are located in a window that, at certain times of the day, faces direct sunlight, Selfridges faced a challenge—it required screens, which were bright enough to be seen in broad daylight. Its pre-existing installation—a 2×2 video wall comprised of 55” Samsung LCDs—was not bright enough; the screens looked washed-out when in direct sunlight and overheated in the windows.

To solve the problem, the department store turned to UK-based system integrator Freehand, which specializes in all aspects of digital signage and AV solutions.

James Barnett, Production Manager, Creative Presentation, Selfridges notes “Selfridges has a global reputation for innovation and design—especially when it comes to our window designs. We have been working together with Freehand for a number of years, they have always delivered technology that fits our brief and importantly our budgets.”

Freehand, working with its key distribution partner, Medium, evaluated several technologies to satisfy the needs of Selfridges. A large single LED solution was discussed for the project, however the costs associated with such a display were too high and lead-time was too long. After analyzing the offering of various suppliers an, Freehand opted for displays manufactured by DynaScan Technology, known for its specialization in ultra-high brightness display technology.

Barnett notes, “When it came to upgrading Window 3 we discussed our requirements with Freehand, they recommended DynaScan screens as they are the brightest screens available on the market today. For content management, Freehand recommended BrightSign media players.”

For the video wall displays, Freehand selected DynaScan’s 55″ 3000 nit high brightness LCDs with super narrow bezel (model DS551LX4). The screens were not only both bright enough for the application, but fit all the parameters they and the customer were looking for.

Freehand also supplied and installed ‘Whispering Window’ audio drivers—adding sound as another key dimension for the customer experience.

The video wall LCDs were installed in Selfridges’ Window 3 just in time for the Christmas shopping season, and the installation was ultimately very successful. Window 3 has been providing viewers with in-store promotions and is clearly visible in direct sunlight. As full brightness is not necessary around-the-clock, the brightness is automatically reduced at night time to prevent glare to passing traffic.

Barnett notes, “The DynaScan video wall screens display excellent video in bright sunlight and low light conditions. Selfridges’ marketing team is assured that key messages are communicated to the 2 million shoppers every week on Oxford Street.”


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