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Posted on November 13, 2017 by Scott Pickus

The Sun Won’t Outshine These Digital Signs; Increased Brightness Levels Make Them Easy to See

Digital signs are appearing anywhere these days, no matter whether it’s outdoors with full sunlight or in a store window with glare from the sun. There are a lot of specs bandied about when it comes to digital signage and video displays–sampling rate, ultra-high definition, 4K, high dynamic range (HDR), you name it. However, companies that really want to get the most bang for their digital signage buck ought to be paying more attention to nits.

By increasing the brightness level, the integrity of the information on the sign remains clear, as do colors and interactive features.

Our friends at Commercial Integrator have put together a free white paper, “5 Benefits of High-Brightness LCD and LED Digital Signage,” which explains that this visibility is achieved with levels ranging from 3,000 to 7,000 nits, a numerical value used to measure brightness.

Find out how these new, bright digital signs save energy, are easy to operate and the other unique features that make them a great solution for information displays.