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    Terms and Condition
    1. An RMA is valid for thirty (30) days. If you are unable to ship back the product before the thirty days expiration of the RMA, please request a new RMA number prior to returning the product.

    2. You must return the merchandise in its original packing material and include all accessories that were contained in the original package. If you no longer have the original packing material, please contact DynaScan to obtain replacements (additional fees will be applied).

    3. Shipping the merchandise back to DynaScan is the customer’s responsibility. We strongly recommend that you insure the merchandise during the return shipment as DynaScan is not responsible for any loss and/or damage that may occur during transportation.

    4. If the merchandise is returned for repair or replacement under a warranty claim, DynaScan may charge you for the cost of repair or replacement if it is determined that the merchandise was not defective, or that the problem was caused by factors other than a DynaScan product defect.

    5. THE MERCHANDISE MUST BE RETURNED TO DYNASCAN BEFORE ANY REPLACEMENT UNDER WARRANTY CAN BE MADE. An exception to this rule can only be made if you are willing to provide a credit card to guarantee the timely return of the merchandise claimed to be defective.

    6. Please refer to the terms of our warranty to determine the extent of coverage, limitations, and exclusions. Warranty coverage may only be claimed by the original buyer; you may be asked to provide a copy of the purchase invoice.

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